Family Owned


In 2008 the Arthur family made the very exciting move from Taranaki to purchase the Matapiro Olive grove, which was originally established in 1999.

It is now a successful family business (if we may say so ourselves) managed by father and son team, John and Simon Arthur.

We have had huge success implementing best growing practices, and this has led to our ability to develop new products that are already receiving great acclaim.

During the holidays the rest of the family helps out with grove maintenance and bottling - a huge testament to the success of how the grove operates today. Our business has an end-user focus, so we are always looking for new ways to keep our customers satisfied, and to challenge what we can offer to the market.


The Grove


Our grove is located on the banks of the beautiful Ngaruroro river, 42km North West of Hastings in Crownthorpe. 

Nine olive varieties were chosen for a broad range of flavours, yield and importantly pollination. The grove is divided into nine blocks with nearly every variety present in each block to ensure successful pollination, even in abnormal weather patterns.

When the grove was established we also had a sophisticated irrigation system installed, with efficient individual emitters. Water is taken from the adjacent river and a nearby bore, ensuring sufficient supply in dryer years.

Since the grove's development, upgrades have taken place to improve management, tree performance and oil quality. The grove borders several vineyards, in what are perfect growing conditions for olives and grapes!




We have spent considerable time researching and trialling various programmes which relate to enhancing the performance of a commercial olive grove within New Zealand.

In 2010 a programme was established to bring the soil into perfect balance using biological methods. Tests were conducted on which elements were being depleted by the crops, and we commenced a programme to replace only what is taken.

Matapiro operates a carefully measured and managed water programme that takes into consideration tree usage, rainfall, evaporation and stage of fruit growth.

We are members of AgRecovery and manage all waste in a sustainable way. In 2011 Matapiro also became a member of the Rata Certification programme, a programme for building sustainable business.