Our Oils

Matapiro Estate Blends Oils remain true to our superior taste and quality ethos - they are cold pressed so that all the flavour and health-beneficial properties are retained. The range comprises ‘Subtle’, ‘Smooth’ and ‘Intense’ blends.

You are bound to find one that appeals, no matter whether you are an olive oil aficionado or a down to earth “foodie”. Learn a little about each below. Naturally the best way to discover your favourite, is to give them a try - whether you’re wanting to impress guests, or provide health-filled drizzles over your next family meal.


As the name suggests, this oil is gentle in character with tropical fruit, buttery and nutty flavours, and just a hint of bitterness and spicy black pepper.

Use this oil to complement foods with delicate flavours. It’s perfect poured over white fish, or chicken, drizzled over salad leaves, in risotto, mashed potatoes and mayonnaise. It’s the oil of choice for baked products too.


Our Intense blend is robust and powerful, and designed to complement strongly flavoured foods without overwhelming them. This oil marries intensely fruity flavours with bitterness and pungency to create a powerful and vibrant taste experience.

This is the oil for all strongly flavoured foods; use it in hearty stews and vegetable and rustic pasta dishes. Try it drizzled over grilled and barbecued steaks, roasted vegetables and hearty salads and add a swirl to soups for a great taste experience.


Aromatic and herbaceous, Smooth has the flavour of freshly pressed olives along with fresh cut grass, apples, salad leaves and fresh nuts. These flavours are balanced with a little bitterness and a mild peppery finish. This is luscious, all-purpose oil that enlivens a wide range of foods.

Use it for drizzling over grilled meats and steamed or sautéed vegetables, tossing with pasta and salads, for marinades, sauces and dressings, and as a fabulous dipping oil with bread or fresh vegetables.